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General FAQ:

Are there any fees required to attend this event?

Admission is free! Parking is free! Signing up to be a vendor is free!

Where is this event?

The event is located on campus, inside CalArts’ Main Gallery 24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355.

If I want to buy something is it cash only?

The form of accepted payment is determined by each vendor. All vendors will accept cash and some might also take Venmo or some other form of payment.

If I don’t go will I regret it?


Vendor FAQ:

Can anyone sign up to be a vendor?

As long as you are selling work you printed / made yourself then yes!

How much can I sell my goods for?

You worked hard to make them, you decide how much they are worth.

Do I get to keep all the money I make from selling my goods?

Yes! You worked hard for your money - you get to keep it $$$